Version History


2.2.1 (Apr 2014)

Added: Ability to send emails on error

Fixed: Reading of AutoVer.ini config file - particularly when running in portable mode

Fixed: Creation of folders on FTP

Fixed: Long file name support on source drive when copying to FTP

Fixed: Fixed bug in file and folder exclude filter

Change: If running outside of the Program File folder (portable mode), store config files locally if possible (otherwise use CommonApplicationData)

Fixed: If CommonApplicationData is not writable (using limit user) then use Roaming ApplicationData folder

Change: The "Ensuring Backup is Current" window shown when creating a new watcher is no longer Always on top - allowing other work to be done while long backups happen.

2.2.0 (Feb 2013)

Note: AutoVer now requires .NET Framework 4.0.

Fixed: Rewrote the Windows Service communication making it a lot more stable

Added: Option to archive to per folder and file level

Added: Events and Messages columns to main screen

Added: Compare and copy if different option now also available in non-versioning mode

Fixed: Some issues with the long path/file name support

2.1.0 (Oct 2012)

Fixed: FTP password saving

Fixed: NullReferenceException on doing an inital backup with a new watcher

Fixed: NullReferenceException on shutdown if it didn't startup fully/other instance running

Fixed: NullReferenceException on pressing Compare or View buttons in Version Explorer

Fixed: Cannot access a disposed object on Syncing backup, cancelling and syncing again

Fixed: 7-Zip not storing path information

Fixed: Reset file attributes on copy (so read only files do not cause issues)

Fixed: Showing of params in the watcher's Copy First textbox

Fixed: Not checking of exclusions before creating folders

Fixed: WinMerge (WinMergeU.exe) default location updated to PF x86 folder (if avail)

Fixed: Error Reporting back to my site

Added: Config location options (Common, Current User or Local/Portable)

Added: Button to open config and log folder

Added: Button icons

Added: Coloured Status column to the main window

Added: Left mouse click on tray icon (as well as existing double click) opens the app window

Added: Check for new version (About page)

Added: the watcher name to the settings window title

Added: Balloon tip to show sync operation starting (if Show all other events enabled)

Note: This is the last version built for .NET Framework 2.0. Future versions will be built for .NET 4.0

2.0.2 (Feb 2012)

Fixed: Logging sometimes stuck on Debug

Fixed: Archive zipping (zip file is locked)

2.0.1 (Feb 2012)

This is a bug fix version to fix a number of issues introduced with the long path support and code shuffle to allow for a separate service module. Note: The Windows Service module is still experimental.

Fixed: Crashing on Ensure / Copying folders and not files on Ensure

Fixed: Not restoring files properly, base folder case, blank folders and not restoring to the correct time point

Fixed: Settling time always reverts to 1 second.

Fixed: All times in Version Explorer being 1 hour out if you have daylight saving time

Fixed: Displaying of balloon errors

Fixed: Starting of WMI drive notification events

Fixed: Opening multiple watcher properties causing duplicate entries

Added: Option to display all copy/rename/delete event in balloon message.

Added: Polling mode when WMI is disabled in App settings. Not all network drives raise events via WMI when their state changes. This WMI/Polling mode allows the Watch/Backup drive to be resynced when they are reconnected.

2.0 Beta (Apr 2011)

It can be installed as a Windows Service

Auto-elevate privileges if not using Windows Service

All new zip engine. Better compression, cleaner internal code

Added 7-zip support

Requires .NET 3.5 framework (preferably with SP1)

Now stores all config and log file to C:\ProgramData\Autover (Vista/Win7) or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data (WinXP)

Option to compare file content for changes to determine if a new copy should be made

Fixed View Log button

Backing up dialog box runs smoother (more responsive)

Uses Windows Application Event log (no longer it's own Windows Event log)

Fixed hiding from Alt-Tab and minimising to little window

No prefixing ftp:// to FTP address

Fixed Ensure All button (didn't work at all)

Allowed slight variance in FTP file timestamp for ensuring non-version files

Allow 0.01 (10ms) settling time

1.4.3 (Jun 2010) - Fixed crash if network offline at startup
Fixed writing to the system's debug log if Log level not debug
Excluded Folder list now excludes only the full folder name not partials.
Fixed creating folder on "Ensure Back is Current" if it is excluded
Refresh watcher list on restore of window (to update error and warning statuses)
Show backup warnings in watcher settings (if "File Copying Warnings" shown in watcher list)

1.4.1 (May 2010) - Fixed error if "Create initial backup" was selected on watcher creation

Fixed file/folder exclusions which have leading/trailing semi column or blanks (causes it to exclude all files)

Add option to delete to the recycle bin

1.4 (Apr 2010) - Fixed string>boolean type conversion bug after upgrading to 1.3.2

Fixed rename if target file exists in non-versioning mode

Reduced balloon help tip popup to first time only

Option to restore all to a specific date and time.

Option to apply Max version rate (only copy file to a new versioned backup if after x seconds/minutes/hours)

Option to specify the time/frequency (ie hourly/daily) when the daily backups ("Ensuring the back is current") are made.

Option to show (popup) all errors.

Option to run external app on each file copy

Option to make customisable the standard delay of 1 sec after last update before copying

FTP functionality complete (but treat as beta)

1.3.2 (Apr 2010) - Fixed not saving of config - saves config and logs locally as before, but if this fails (mainly Vista/Windows 7), saves to the Application Data folder.

Fixed an exception in the version explorer

UNC path support is back

Option to disble WMI removable drive detection. WMI can poll floppies drives with media inserted every 10 sec causing it to make a noise.

Option to enable Debug logging from the settings window. (If you have an unknown issue, please turn on Debug logging and send the AutoVerLog.txt which contains the period of time which the issue occurred).

Many major FTP fixes

1.3.1 (Jan 2010) - Experimental WMI and Version Explorer exception fixes.

1.3 (Dec 2009) - Added FTP backup destination support (experimental & not fully complete yet - see help doc).

Added Enable/Disable watches

Added Restore All files in backup option

Added Backup All Watches - and option to ensure backup of all watches

Added Session stats in properties

Added support for relative folders (relative to AutoVer's startup folder).

Now portable (app settings are stored in files in the app folder. Registry is maintained for backwards compatibility).

Added versioning of previous backup file if full versioning is turned off (current backup file is not time stamped).

Better detection of temp file creation which becomes are real file (particularly UltraEdit and Visual Studio)

Now detecting all drives coming online and restarting any affected watchers

Fixed keyboard input/scrolling in file explorer

Fixed tab sequences

No ensuring of backup on safe mode startup

Ensuring backup/archiving and old file deletion is done at a less thread priority

Installer now supports x64 Program Files folder and is user selectable

1.2.2 (Apr 2008) - Rewrote the Version Explorer backend so the 3rd party ExpTreeLib.dll is not used. This should fix a lot of errors reading icons, long paths and drives/folders/files with errors and make it a little faster too.

Added double click to Version Explorer panes and and right click to middle pane.

Added more checking in "Ensuring Backup..." - to avoid Path Too Long exceptions.

Fixed backup files being zipped/deleted even if they are younger than specified.

Fixed Ensure at startup/Once a day delete/zip which crashed if backup drive is offline when it was previously online.

Fixed enforcing the file exclusion if renaming a valid file to an excluded file.

Watches are now allowed to start even if the backup drive is not ready - in case it comes online soon after (it buffers up to 1000 file changes anyway)

1.2.1 (Feb 2008) - Fixed registry errors in Vista and locked down XP - note: text/image viewer apps may need to be selected again.

Ensure backup is current on startup is done every startup, not just once a day.

Fixed error when Ensuring backup on startup

Removed the "Minimised" balloon tip from startup.

1.2 (Dec 2007) - Added customisable version date/time stamps

Added ability to have a name for each watch

USB/Firewire drives are synchronised when they are plugged in

New file change detection: supports more apps in their change or create, delete, rename operations

Added new chm help file

Added folder being copied to copy initial/ensure backup dialog box (to show where it is up to)

Fixed file explorer error if drive or folder does not exist

Fixed deleting of watch so it is removed from the display

Hopefully fixed backup explorer file time error on some networks

Removed icon from alt-tab

General code cleanup, minor tweaks & some new larger icons.

1.1.1 (June 2007) - Add ability to Zip old versions;

Added button to view log file;

Fixed new bugs in backup engine

1.1.0 Beta (May 2007) - Add option to limit file sizes in backup;

Added option to delete old versions;

Added option to ensure the backup is current on start and on demand;

If the backup folder goes offline, operations are cached;

If a backup operation files, it is retried over the next 2 minutes.

Added option to ignore subfolders;

Ability to cancel initial backup

Backup folder can now be inside watch folder;

Add context menus;

Added Save As option to backup view;

Added Delete option to backup view;

Ability Compare backup file to current file;

Open/view backup text or image files in custom applications;

Added sortable columns

1.0.2 (April 2007) - Add checking for backup folder in watch folder;

Removed root folder warning every run;

Bad backup folder on startup is ignored (assuming backup folder will come online later);

Fixed deleting backup files with versioning;

Load on Windows startup setting;

Fixed support for move operations

1.0.1 Beta (March 2007) - Fixed file exclusion checking on initial backup;

Fixed delayed tree load in explorer;

Load on Windows startup setting;

Ability to customise comparison applications;

Support file open and restore when viewing backup folder in explorer.

1.0.0 Beta (Feb 2007) - initial version

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