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If AutoVer is not detecting a changed file or or not backing up a file then this may be due to exclusive write locks on the file - preventing any application from reading it. To determine exactly what is happening, check the AutoVerLog.txt and AutoVerServiceLog.txt files in the C:\ProgramData\AutoVer folder (or for Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AutoVer). There is a button called View Log in the Application Settings screen to take you directly to it. Any errors will be shown in this log. If you wish to see all of the excruciating details of what AutoVer is doing, then tick Debug in the Application Settings screen. AutoVer also write any fatal errors (not that there are any bugs in AutoVer!) to separate files named ErrorLog*.txt. The Windows Event Viewer may also shed light on fatal errors, go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer, Windows Application logs, any "AutoVer..." or ".NET Runtime" errors or events.

If you are still having issues then drop me a line, and don't forget to paste in any appropriate log information.

Written by: Hunter Beanland

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