My Source Code

NOTE: Many of these sources require Tools98 or Tools00

Access 1K 1992 Logs accesses to your PC
ASPI 3K 1998 ASPI unit - Sort of works but can't ID devices yet. Any ideas?
BIN2INL 1K 1992 Binary to inline converter
BulkRPL 2K 1998 Searches and replaced strings in multiple files and recurses directories
Count 1K 1991 Counts, bytes, words, pages in a txt file
CPUInfo 4K 1998 CPU ID Supports all future CPUs! (Based on Intel code) - see PCInfo below
CU 2K 1994 TSR that can unload - give curser co-ords
Date2000 1K 1996 Experimental Y2K bug fix
DirHTM 8K 1.4 7/00 Directory Listing to HTML convertor (see Delphi section for latest Windows version)
DOSDO20 57K 1992 Dos batch file enhancer ver 2.0. Includes executable and full source
EACC 6K 1991 Easy Accounting. Never finished - converted from working C64 Basic code
FileF 3K 1993 File Formatter - Can beautify .pas files too
FS 4K 1992 File Selector - Never quite finished
GoPart 8K 1.0
Adaptec GoBack partition disabler/enabler (can edit any partition type)
Install 3K 1992 DOS Disk installer
Keycode 1K 1993 Keyboard (BIOS) key codes
Launch 1K 1992 Launch a program via a TSR
LDir 3K 1993 Directory lister
MMind 2K 1994 Master Mind
Mouse 1K 1991 How to read a mouse
NVS 2K 1998 Tries to clear BIOS Setup (in NVS RAM). Still working on why it hangs the PC
OSave 3K 1996 Screen saver (unloadable TSR)
PCInfo 78K 2.30 3/00 Hardware Detection utility. Produces full (but concise) hardware (and some software) report. Includes executable and full source
Pent-Bug 1K 1994 Test for the Pentium 60, 66, 90 FDIV bug
Slow 2K 1993 Slow your PC down (For older PCs)
SoundLPT 3K 1992 Play audio sample files out the LPT port
Tables 1K 1991 Create Hex/Oct/Dec tables to print out for reference
TagEnd 1K 1992 Write data to the end of your EXE files
TE 2K 1991 Text extractor
Tools98 19K 1992 Tools and Screen units (1998) that many of these sources use
Tools00 25K 7/00 Tools and Screen units (Latest 2000) Includes TPPatch to fix TP7's runtime 200 error on fast PCs and TPEnv - DOS environment editor unit.
TSR 2K 1993 TSR Template source
WKS 1K 1991 I think this prints out MS Works 2 files (very old)