Tab Control .NET: Demo

Dynamic Dynamic tabs are driven by DHTML, (DIV tags which are hidden and shown). These tabs are ideal for static data or a single form.
This demo also includes an optional tab width, content width, icon settings and OnClick event.
Inline Frames Inline Frame tabs are driven by DHTML (IFRAME tags which are hidden and shown). These tabs are ideal for separate, large or complex pages with many form fields or external web sites. The client browser must support Inline Frames (IE, Firefox, and Mozilla 1.x).
This demo also includes the optional Home button, new row and custom tab icons.
PostBack PostBack tabs are driven by a postback each time a tab is selected. Generally, either of the top 2 methods should be sufficient in 99.9% of cases. Pressing the Back button in the browser may be tiresome if you have clicked through the tabs a fair bit before hand.
This demo shows just the plain default tabs and our own content.
  For this demo to run you may need to check the following:
1. Check the paths in demo.aspx.vb lines 13 and 14 correspond to where all of the files are.
2. Make sure the tabcontrol.dll is compiled and in your /bin folder.

The above demos have a differing set of options set, just to show the different functionalities and looks available. You can mix a match to your desired look. Enjoy!