Classic ASP Controls & Code

This code is written for ASP 3 using VBScript and are tested on IE 6 and FireFox 1.0

The controls contain the full source code. You can download them, modify them and use them freely. I do ask you send me any useful modifications and/or comments you think will benefit other people (seeing as you got the code for free).

Debug Panel

Debug Info is a VBScript class useful for developing and debugging ASP web pages which pass data from page to page as well or if you use a database. By placing 3 lines of code in the top of every page (or include in your header include file) you can see some of what is going on in each of your pages.
Debug Info will display many types of information in separate expandable / collapsible bars. Bars with bold caption text contain data in their hidden pane; click on the bar to expand / collapse the information pane within it. This code is based on an example from Microsoft. Someone by the name of Mike added some great formatting which I have enhanced.
Debug Info can display QueryString, Form, Session, Application, Cookie, Server, and ADO variables and properties in separate expandable / collapsible sections. Most collections are editable and can be saved or re-posted. Also includes basic DOM browser.
Version: 2.5, Dec 2004Screenshot

Excel file read/write via ADO or OLE

ExcelADO is a VBScript class which allows you to open an Excel file via ADO (ODBC/Jet). The class object includes several easy to use methods to read and write data into an excel file. For more advanced features, the class allows you to manipulate the Recordset directly.

ExcelOLE is a VBScript class which allows you to open an Excel file via OLE Automation. The class object includes several easy to use methods to read and write data into an excel file. For more advanced features, the class allows you to manipulate the Excel Workbook directly. Excel must be installed for this class to work.

DownloadADO Demo, OLE Demo
Version: 1.4, Dec 2004

HTML to Text / Text to HTML

Included are 2 very powerful functions to convert HTML to Text and Text to HTML. The functions are optimised for speed and use regular expressions to do most of the work. HTML2Text formats links to URLs, undoes all HTML char encoding (name and number codes), removes styles, scripts, and of course HTML tags. Spacing and formatting are also cleaned up. Text2HTML formats URLs to links, observes line feeds, tabs and spacing. It also does HTML encoding. An extra function to detect if HTML tags exist in the text is also included. HTML2TXT, HTM2TXT, TXT2HTML, TXT2HTM, TXT
Version: 1.5, Oct 2005Demo

Spell Checker Interface for Aspell / Ispell

This Spelling Checker Interface is an ASP based web interface (front end) to Aspell/Ispell. This code incorporates ASP VBScript code to interface to Aspell and Javascript/HTML for the human interface. All of this is bundled into one small .asp file.
If you are using Aspell, FCK Editor, Web Wiz Rich Text Editor, or a Text Area box then you should be able to implement this code in a snap. You can alter this code to fit other programs etc, but you will have little bit of work to do. This is not hard for a web programmer, but may be difficult to a newbie.
GNU Aspell is a Free and Open Source spell checker engine which can be downloaded and installed easily.
Web Wiz Rich Text Editor and FCK Editor are free ASP HTML editors which I have used to launch the spell checker. I have included documentation to interface to these.
Version: 1.4, Jun 2004Screenshot

Plug and Play charts using SVG

This version of SVGChart is an enhanced version originally written by: Paul T. Walchli. What I have done is taken his code and made it reusable (plug the SVG object into any .ASP page - to call the reusable page, supply the data, and it will do everything else for you).
I have not re-written a great deal of Paul's original code, just hacked it about so that it will accept all data and configuration info from it's QueryString. I have also changed the colouring and formatting and fixed a few issues. There is still plenty to be done yet and this code isn't fully clean yet, but at this point it is fully functional and the charts look fantastic.
Version: 1.24, Jun 2004Screenshot

Tab Control (Tabbed Interface)

This code will create a tab control similar to what you would expect from a Windows application. It allows you to organise your page or pages into tabs and for the user to select the tab to show the information neatly. Otherwise you are limited to having a very long page or separate pages which you need to build a nice navigation control (like this one). By copying 1 folder of files to your site and adding a few lines of code to your page, you can have this control up and running in no time. The result is a professional looking, and familiar Windows style tabbed interface. You can also optionally add icons to each tab and set many interface settings. Includes extensive demos and help file. Tested under IE, Mozilla and Firefox.
Version: 3.0, Jun 2005Screenshot

Read and write UTF-8 Text, Delimited (CSV, Tab etc) and Fixed Width files

UTF8Filer is an easy to use class which can read and write any UTF-8 (Encoded, Mixed Byte) files being raw text, Delimited (CSV, Tab etc) or Fixed Width data files.
It includes functions to convert to and from Unicode as well as some useful mixed byte text handling functions.
ASP (pre .NET) does not easily support encoded mixed byte files or text streams - only pure Single Byte and Unicode, so we need use this class to help us out.UFT8, UFT-8
Version: 1.4, Jun 2004

Read and write Delimited (CSV, Tab etc) and Fixed Width files

TextFiler is an easy to use class which can read and write any Single byte or Unicode Delimited files (CSV, Tab etc) and Fixed Width files. Full Microsoft Excel delimited rules are also adhered to:
  • Text including commas/tabs encapsulated in double quotes are treated as 1 field ("text,text" = text,text)
  • Double quotes used in encapsulation are stripped ("text" = text)
  • 2 sets of double quotes are treated as 1 set of double quotes ("" = escaped ")
  • Text in quotes can run over several lines (contains line feeds)
Version: 1.2, Dec 2003

AJAX HTTP Request (Client Side Callbacks)

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) HTTP Requests, (which Microsoft is calling CallBacks in .NET 2.0) is where a piece of JavaScript can call a server side (ASP) page to obtain a result - without the user knowing (no popup windows). It is used increasingly often in populating the next level in a series of linked drop down lists and progress bars. This code is a fault tolerant JS script file with demo. Works for all recent browsers.
Version: 1.0, May 2005

DHTML JS Calendar by Mihai Bazon

Extremely good Javascript/DHTML calendar written by Mihai Bazon. I have added a fix for the time reverting issue and included basic ASP functions to create the object.
Version:, Oct 2004
This code is also available on Planet Source Code