Books by Denver Beanland

The Queensland Caesar - Sir Thomas McIlwraith

The Queensland Caesar book cover The Queensland Caesar - Sir Thomas McIlwraith book provides a fresh analysis of Queensland during the colonial era. It provides new insights into Queensland’s past.
Sir Thomas McIlwraith thundered across Queensland’s political and business landscape for 30 years. The three times Premier took bold and audacious actions, and had the energy and motivation to drive not only the colony’s economic development, but also his own business enterprises.
The biography analyses McIlwraith’s progressive beliefs in economic development, European settlement, railways, responsible government, nationalism, federation, republicanism, defence and foreign policy, issues that are as relevant today as they were in the colonial era.
The publication narrates the history of one of Queensland’s great political figures, charting the trials and tribulations of arguably one of the most significant Scotsmen to come to the Antipodes.
Modern day historians have presented McIlwraith as a larger-than-life conservative entrepreneur rather than a classical laissez-faire liberal who strived to make Queensland the premier colony of Australia.


A Court Apart: The District Court of Queensland

A Court Apart: The District Court of Queensland book cover A Court Apart: The History of the District Court of Queensland, is authored by former Attorney-General, Dr Denver Beanland, and was launched by the Governor-General, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, in the Banco Court on 19 June 2009.
As 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of the reconstitution of the District Court, this publication provides a lasting testament to the individuals and events that have shaped its development. It features a pictorial history of Queensland’s District Court judges and is a convenient reference tool for anyone interested in the evolution and work of the Court.


The Family of Thomas and Lydia Beanland

Tom & Lydia Beanland This 1993 publication contains the history and family tree of Thomas and Lydia Emma Kinton Beanland.